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BWARS AGM and Members’ weekend 2017

Secretary: Catherine M. Jones (

The BWARS Committee invite all our members to join us at the World Museum Liverpool on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October for the BWARS AGM and member’s weekend.

The BWARS members’ weekend is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and it is mainly informal and informative, with the official business conducted on Sunday morning at the AGM.

Look out for a new bee-fly

In April 2017 Rob Mills photographed a distinctive insect in his garden. This turned out to be the bee-fly Anthrax anthrax, a species never confirmed from Britain before. The bee-fly was sitting on a bee hotel in his garden near Cambridge, on a log drilled with holes containing solitary bee brood cells.

Anthrax anthrax. Photo: Rob Mills

New checklist of British aculeates

A revised and updated checklist of the UK aculeate fauna has just been published covering all of the species of interest to BWARS. The checklist compiled after much painstaking work by George R. Else, Barry Bolton & Gavin R. Broad can be downloaded freely from the Biodiversity Data Journal at:



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